Listen quietly
Do you hear the sounds?
Sounds of people shouting that their lives matter
Whose lives matter?
Black lives matter!
Screams of racial profiling
And hate crimes against us
We are seen differently
Why is that so?
Is it because our complexion is darker than snow
We are not targets and by history you should have known
A far back we can go and it will show that we are the victim’s not the aggressor’s.
Why do you hate us?
My generation doesn’t know
not even the ancestors before us know
All black men are judged!
If they don’t wear a suit and tie
most of us are not even seen in the public’s eye
The rest of us are only heard and spoken of when we die
Somehow it seems like we are back in Jim Crow’s days
when we
as blacks
are hunted as preys
We are no longer slaves
so why does Modern Colonialism continue to widen its pace?
History has a funny way of repeating itself
somehow it seems like racism is slowly but surely retaking its precedence
Today in the land of the brave and the home of the free
black lives are cut short on a scale of one too many
You read it in the paper
you see it on the news
even the Land of Wood and Water is feeling the same blues
All this senseless killing needs to stop
not just at a certain degree,
So I say to you whoever you may be
black lives matter!

~ Xavier Frazer©

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