Faces of Paradise


I love the immense beauty of this island I call home,
from its flora to its natural aroma
Mouth watering foods with delectable taste
White sand beaches
neighboring to rivers
and mountainous springs.

Native to diverse musicians
entertainment scenes,
Theatrical arts that evoke smiles between roaring laughter’s,
Even the iconic cultural spots  appeals to tourists,
Home to the only living legend Usain Bolt
I love this fascinating place.

Like a twist of fate where positivity lies,
Negativity thrives.

In the harbor of monstrous murderers, predatory rapists and despicable robbers
To think that was enough,
here comes extortion
the nuisance coupled to corruption,
Which is strongly tied to political deception.

Not much hope for the youths,
So they end up becoming cold hearted brutes

Sad to say,
This is the reality of the paradise I call home.

~ Xavier Frazer ©

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