Jamaica Cries


Just seeing her cry,
brings tears to my eyes.
No matter how much we try to console her,
she still continues to cry.

Somehow it seems pointless to try,
for she will never stop.
She weeps like a mother, daughter,
sister and a friend.

Why does she cry?
no one seems to know, since you’re still contemplating,
I will tell.

As the days go by she loses a child.
They go by the one’s,
two’s, three’s
and lately by the four’s.

She weeps in agony alone,
as she tries to come to terms at the rate in which her children are being slain.

Let’s help her to reattain her glow,
that she so often shows,
which the outer world has come to know.

You’re listening, but you don’t seem to hear,
Jamaica is crying.

Yes, Jamaica cries!

~ Xavier Frazer©

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