Don’t be offended with what am about to say
let me apologize first,
‘I am sorry’,
for i am going to say it anyway.
When you look around and you see all that’s happened,
It puts one’s mind in a trance,
where your like, what the hell is really happening?
The bad-man mentality is messing up the streets,
Nothing is how it used to be,
These young and old dudes running around causing mayhem.
killing their brothers,
sisters and the children
just to brag about it
Whats up with that?
Now the table has turned,
your cards played
its not the joker,
cause really the jokes on you.
Crying like babies,
Why? Is it because you don’t want to die,
Or perhaps go to to prison?
you expect me to feel sorry for you? Well guess what?
I am not.
so your out of luck,
There’s no casting of spells or making wishes at wells
Yet, you continue to walk the  path, which leads straight to hell…
Why act so senseless?
Aren’t you tired of being reckless….
Karma is alive and out for retribution,
so when she gets you,
there’s no absolution.

~ Xavier Frazer ©

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