Jamaica Woes


It’s playing on the radio
Broadcasting on the news,
Surfing social media
on all the avenues,
What’s happening to us,
have we lost some screws?

Murder murder
kill kill,
seems to be the order of the day,
Can someone please tell me what’s happening to little Ja?
Is this what we really want?
No joy,
no laughter,
no place for the children to play.

These hoodlums roaming the streets,
itching ,
willing to spray,
No matter the time of day.

Oh father bless this land,
guide and protect our little nation,
Cause it seems hopeless in this ongoing situation.

Where’s the positivity,
love and conscious vibration,
Come on people let’s centralize and socialize,
so that we can heal the nation.

~ Xavier Frazer ©

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