Shots are fired
hear the frightful screams,
another man has been gunned down.
Police cordoned off the scene to repel the curious looking crowd.
The sad faces stare,
while others whisper in disbelief
“at this hour of the day god don’t these killers sleep.”
The police asking question,
“has anyone saw what happened or knows the person laying dead?”
In the ghetto there’s a code of silence,
even if you know you better not tell,
that’s if you value your head.
And if you were to tell,
you might just be the next person to be shot dead.
Why tell if its going to cost you your life?
The police can’t protect you in the day,
not to mention at night.
The informer must die syndrome is forever embedded in our culture.
For in the ghetto ,
almost everyone you know is a silent vulture waiting to see you dead.

~Xavier Frazer ©

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