All you do is talk,
you have not walked the walk.
Put yourself in my shoes,
then maybe you will understand the path I choose.

You don’t know my struggles,
You don’t hear my cries.

Inappropriate things I do goes against your style,
You make no room for encouragement.
But have the audacity to label me as wild.

I am no animal,
Nor beast.
I am a just child,
which situations and circumstances, contributes to me being vile.

No remedies for my condition,
nothing justifies your actions.
Placed in institutions,
When all I needed was a sense of direction.
which would have motivated me in becoming the next inspiration.

Do you understand what am saying?
Or do you require more information.
For if you had walked in my footsteps,
then maybe you would have learned something new.

~Xavier Frazer ©

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