The cross is heavy
And only a certain class bears the weight,
Physically and mentally abused,
by the system which is created to protect.

Social marginalization and  classism on the rise, need I say more because it sure ain’t no surprise.

No bridge to cross,
from where the people are struggling
on a meaningless 9-5.

Divide and conquer that’s their plan.
Still, we are brain dead to take action,
against the green or orange man.

Yet we’re quick to bare arms to kill our companions.

Am not saying you should wage wars with anyone, am just stating the obvious so that you can understand.

Don’t you know that poverty leads to waywardness,
Which ultimately evolves to delinquency.

How do you feel when your in posh places?
Having all these lush meals?
While ghetto youths have to be roaming the streets
Looking for something to steal.

We all are not the same, what we need is more opportunities.

To end this cycle of poverty!

~ Xavier Frazer ©

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