Homeless Man’s Dream


Often times I wonder what life would be?
If things could change as simple as walking through an open door,
Imagine living outside where the forces of nature are against you,
No food, no clothes, no place to sleep.

There he sat with bowed head beside his pile of valuables, others call them garbage.
As he drift off to a  place, where he finds the most comfort.

He was taught to pray for blessings, so he  constantly pray those prayers day after day, week after week, month after month.
Then finally years come and go,
While he’s getting old, as he still prays for the change to come.

Then after reaching the point of almost losing faith,
A miracle happens, or perhaps he’s as delusional as the illusions before him,
Which is a open door with a sign above it saying “ENTER HERE FOR CHANGE IS ON THE OTHER SIDE.”

What change he wondered could be on the other side of the door?
As his interest turned to intrigue, he turned the nob.
But beyond the door all he could see was a blinding light.

The thought of heaven came to mind,
The light vanished as quickly as it came, then his sight reappeared.
And to his surprise there in the center of the room, was a table filled with food.

To his left there was a refrigerator filled with juices.
Suddenly there was a whisper saying ” ENTER HERE WHEN YOU’RE TIRED.”

After eating and drinking his fill, he retreated to the whispers door.
As he peeked in he could see a closet with clothes in one corner.
But what was fascinating was a comfy bed in the middle, with a sign that read “COME REST YOUR TIRED HEAD.”

His body was achingly tired so he retired to bed, only to be awaken by,
The sounds of buses and cars roaring down the street.
People chattering and bustling all around.

That’s when reality hit him and he realized that he his homeless on the streets, dreaming in his sleep.

~ Xavier Frazer ©

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