No matter how I try to evasively maneuver this feeling,
I am caught between pause and waiting.
I stand beneath the night sky,
gazing up at the distant universe beyond the stars.
The stars they shine like spotlights beaming down on a crowd flocking Yankee stadium,
Or perhaps the eyes of God watching man.
This night is as cold as winter,
And even though I wear a jacket to soothe this polar wind,
It still manages to seep through my skin.
One hand in pocket,
While the other holds a bunch of roses,
As they wither towards a inevitable death.
Still waiting…….
Every time we talk,
You said you love me,
I have yet to feel that spark.
So many questions asked,
No answers given,
I now measure the space you barely occupy.
While I am trapped in the vast and endless dark,
Still, I stand waiting like a flightless bird that dreams of flying.
Forever seems like never,
Today is already here,
Tomorrow is far away,
Still, I contemplate holding you near.
You said you love me,
I failed miserably at believing,
For you have said this phrase so many times.
Yet, your actions speak otherwise,
No calls
No text.
Really what’s next?
Still waiting for you to love me,
While I wait my heart keeps falling apart.

© Xavier Frazer 2016


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