The thought of seeing you with him,
hurts more than the break up did.
Picturing you with him hand in hand like we use to be,
brings tears to my eye.
We were like siamese twins who depended on one heart for sustenance,
the same as plant’s need the sun.
Before he came our bond was inseparable,
a bond now shattered into fragments,
scattered around the globe.
My heart now without beat like roses without thorns.
Our conversations at night was the best,
now there’s nothing left.
Everything changed since he came along,
I never trusted his smiles,
you did, why?
He comforted you with his lies,
now far from the truth you reside.
I saw his true nature,
from you they were hidden,
I can’t believe you were blind.
Was it that you saw something in him,
that no longer existed in me?
He came and messed up the melody,
of our ongoing love song now the rhymes don’t rhyme,
and the beats are without rhythm.
Leaving a song no one wants to listen,
like the screeching sound of a despaired heart.
You’ve forgotten all that we created,
left me without a second thought.
Gotten swept away by him,
like leaves in the wind.
Now I am devastated, loneliness replaced my heart and we are torn apart.

© Xavier Frazer 2016


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