What’s Love? (Love Is)


Tina Turner said it best,
“love is nothing but a second hand emotion”,
for me love is without devotion.
I love to love,
but love doesn’t love me.
love has always been home,
for that’s where it’s safe.
Love is pure.
Love is how the sun and the moon switch shifts,
taking turns to smile at us,
while the stars keep check of the time.
Love is there and nowhere,
love is felt and forgotten,
like a distant memory.
You see love is everywhere but not here.
Love is like grapefruit and honey,
A combination that is bitter sweet.
It’s elusive like a butterfly,
that’s rewarding when caught.
Love is like a bee, that goes from flower to flower,
leaving pollens along its path.
Love is something we all need,
it’s like the oxygen we breathe.
We strive to acquire it,
for its every man’s desire.
Love is tricky to understand,
Yet we all want to be loved.
Its like our helping hand,
Trying to place us miles above.
It feels so good we forget to breathe,
And that’s when most of us fall for defeat.
Love is like a coat,
that keeps us warm through a storm.
But when your too busy loving others,
You forget to love yourself.
How selfless is that?
You love to love your lover,
Yet love loves itself.
I will never forgive love,
for not letting me love her back.

© Xavier Frazer 2016

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