I Miss You


In your absence,
the mirage you left does not keep me warm.
Now that your gone,
my mind and heart can’t tell who’s more torn.
Your silhouette is clear,
yet your face is distorted.
I miss who you were,
before you contorted.
Since you’ve been gone,
There’s a void where you belong.
We use to laugh and cry,
now only sheer silence remain.
You taught me to listen to the world as it speaks,
It spoke not by words but by emotions.
You taught me to listen to my soul,
well since you left, i put it up for sale,
For i didn’t know what else to do with it,.
My poems aren’t the same no more,
for the language is gone.
You started this,
I am here reminiscing on your kiss, in a state of total bliss.
Your the missing piece to my puzzle,
don’t you see without you there’s no match.
I am held captive by my thoughts,
no more you to make things clear.
You’re the fire in my lighter,
I am in need of a smoke.
Why in the world did you leave? Do you think i am a joke?
You were the start to a new love,
an inextinguishable flame,
But how can we grow if you’ve disappeared.
I tried everything in my power just to keep you close and near,
I guess I was too weak oh dear.
Like a drink that’s not fizzing,
I’ve gone flat.
My sister, my lover, my friend, won’t you please come back?
Without you I’m a hermit,
I’ve retreated,
Laid down my banner,
Set down my spear,
Unable to fight back against the cruelties of my fears.
The cruelest thing possible is to live in a world where the bees don’t buzz,
and the flowers are all shriveled up,
for the sun doesn’t shine.
You’re my backbone,
My glue,
My tie.
Please come back,
so we can laugh
and cry.
I miss you like the sun misses the day,
I miss you like the plants miss the rain.
I am like pollens blowing in the wind,
with no you to carry me.
You need to come back home,
for this is where you belong.
I can’t do it on my own,
I need your helping hand.
So I am here waiting for you,
I hope you understand.
I miss you my wife,
don’t you miss your husband.


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