Connected Spirits


I can’t help the way you make me come alive,
I feel the need to tell you how good talking to you make me feel.
I know it’s crazy to think that we can become so attached by merely exchanging words,
But once spirits are connected it’s hard to dispel.
I know what I am feeling is natural,
and we are not breaking any rules by exploring each other’s minds.
Sometimes it is good to get away from the norm;
the same approach to life bears fruit to monotony.
Let us just allow the waves to crash to the shores;
things won’t go farther than it is supposed to.
If the way I am feeling now is a crime,
then I’m a criminal.
Who is willing to do time,
with the punishment designated only by you.
We are living in a world built on crazy ideas,
that has proven to be magnificent.
Why not build you and i a crazy idea?


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