Mother Nature ( She’s Ready To Fight)


We’ve failed to realize,
we’ve pushed her to the point of no return.
We behave so badly without concern,
now she’s ready to teach,
so we better be ready to learn.
Why don’t we Stop making her mad,
don’t you see she’s fighting back?
For years we’ve been making her angry,
We really need to stop.
She has overlooked our many transgressions,
and the wars we fought against her will.
From world war 1,2 and desert storm,
just to name a few.
she watched hopelessly as we Enslaved,
Apartheid and Holocausted our brothers.
She watches as we use her resources to create weapons of mass destruction and terror, 
she isn’t afraid for she has weapons of her own.
They aren’t man made,
so she’s sure they won’t fail.
She has small arms in the form of hurricanes and thunderstorms,
her armory is stocked with tornados, typhoons and tidal waves.
Don’t forgot her big guns,
tsunamis and earthquakes.
And she just acquired the blueprint for her latest weapon she calls this ” climate change”
So now you know that she’s packing,
Stop acting tough,
before she starts attacking.
I don’t think she’s bluffing,
for she’s tired and had enough.
So you better believe she’s ready to fight.
Fight for her right and preserve life’s luxury,
just like any loving mother.
Mother nature is prepared to discipline her children cause that’s her duty,
to preserve earth’s natural beauty.
And she will do so at all cost,
for the Lord knows she doesn’t wanna end up,
like John Milton’s;
A “Paradise Lost”.


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