What Mask Will I Wear Today?


I woke up feeling strange,
a little on the grumpy side.
you know when your feeling like your grandpa,
screaming and yelling all the time.
that kind of vibe.
my head spinning like it’s on a spiral,
a throbbing headache that the meds won’t ease.
looked into the mirror,
my reflection wasn’t clear, 
there’s so much mask to wear.
Then I heard a voice say,
“pick a mask.”
with my conscience chewing at my guilt,
a whisper traveled on the wind with the thought of choosing a face.
that brings me to the question,
which face today?
Bipolar and Schizophrenia at my side,
the misery of disturbed souls.
inside of me reside a gallery of masks,
that is not seen all the time.



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