Love’s Devotion


Beneath the setting sun,
They stand engulfed in the flame of love.
As if the winds of time passed providing oxygen for it to breathe,
Giving birth to a fire of desire.
The Crystal clear waters wash at their feet,
A symbol of purity for their renewed love.
She sighs as he breathes down the back of her neck,
Sending thrills down her spine.
Her heart skip beats one tone at a time,
Like the melodious tempo’s of a song.
Whispers of gentle words connects to her waiting ear,
These words make her body tremble and sway,
Like leaves blowing in the summer breeze.
Still encased in the muscular arms of her lover,
As he electrifies the wonders of her mind.
She hopes this may never end,
And time will stand still for them to explore the contours of each others anatomy.
A moment like this,
He envisioned many life times before,
Now it seems like deja vu as come knocking on his door.
She’s the source of his strength,
no other can replaced.
He only wish that this will last for an eternity,
With his every being he knows,
She’s his queen and he’s her king.
with boundless possibilities and a strong foundation based on love,
A whole new world has begin.

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