Am I Mad?


I’ve been having some crazy days lately,
that i can’t seem to make sense of them.
For my thoughts are everywhere, nowhere and just not here.
Task with facing dreams that don’t materialise,
I guess that makes them nightmares.
Dejá vu is constantly present,
for I have already been here.
I usually don’t talk this much,
unless someone is listening.
Damn my heads all blurry,
you know in a messed up kind of way.
I been seeing things lately but not ghost’s,
for that’s just a figment of  ones imagination.
So I paid my personal shrink a visit,
you would be surprised to know who that is,
why don’t you try and make a guess?
Everything is so cloudy,
I don’t even remember myself,
so there’s no point in asking.
Oh wait I remember…..
It’s my friend in the mirror,
best believe you got one too.
we talked up a storm,
things went south then sour.
you wouldn’t believe what he told me,
he said, ” you’ve a antisocial personality disorder with psychotic tendencies.”
I thought he was my friend,
what he said was really mean.
I asked him why he said that he laughed,
saying figure it out your a smart guy.
I am in a state of shock,
so I hope you guys can make things clear,
what he said I just don’t get it.
Doe’s that mean I am mad?

19 thoughts on “Am I Mad?

  1. I read it once, then I had to read it gain. You literally made me stop in my tracks. You forced me to think! Just amazing how you managed to put how you feel so realistic. It was like it was me, but it wasn’t. I LOVED IT! Definitely going to share this!

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