My heart lays before me, returned on the platter i served it on.
Nothing hurts more like rejection from the one i thought i understood.
I’ve lost the strength,
To linger and lust at the sound of your name.
I am done trying to get back with you,
All attempts were futile.
I’ve lost the race,
When all I needed was confidence to win.
You left me broken,
But broken is where I found my strength.
I loved you selflessly,
I got nothing in return for that.
I am done being your fool,
You rejected me, left me to see the worst.
All I gave you was my love,
Was it not enough?
We’re just fragments of what we use to be,
We’re now like a dissipated memory.
We’re like echo’s of a nightmare,
I’ve been cursed to live with.
Though I navigate through tortuous waters and have weathered unbelievable storms.
I am still beyond repair.

Β© Xavier Frazer

39 thoughts on “Broken

      1. “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” ~ P.B. Shelley. One of my favourite quotes from one of my favorite poets for the (un) broken you.

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