Pandora’s Box


A box covered with dust,
lies unattended in the far reaches of my brain.
Along with the mildewed fragments of the tiny memories I retain, 
stacked far away in an attic of confused emotions.
Cryogenic state of a lasting depression,
afraid of the past so I tucked them away,
if they make it to the present,
the future will surely decay.
In this box I hide the true me,
secrets and lies that I truly despise.
In this box I feel safe from all the woes of this chaotic world,
if mixed with my chaos it will cause catastrophes.
It’s where I allow my emotions to roam free,
unabated, unchanged.
Hidden away in this box is a beast,
lurking in every direction
unshackled, untamed
feeding on my fears and insecurities.
In this box I’ve lived, loved, laughed, lusted, cried and died,
it’s funny how i am still alive.
I hope your not afraid of what you heard,
Just letting you know what resides.
In the Pandora’s box of mine

© Xavier Frazer


24 thoughts on “Pandora’s Box

  1. This is awesome! I can relate to your imagery. I am not a poetry expert by any means and have learned to appreciate it more in the last year by being on WordPress. I really enjoyed this piece and am glad you shared it!

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  2. We all have a beast of our own. I find it quite fascinating that some of us expose it in healthy ways…and some of us don’t. Your writing shows self awareness and acceptance. Humility. Your expression of that aspect of yourself is exceptional, beautiful.

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