He breathes heavily
with cold stark eyes,
As they circle like that of ravens.
Waiting for the perfect opportunity to act,
He waits patiently like Christians awaiting Christ to return.
He see’s you,
but you don’t see him,
What it is that you see?
A day like today would be a perfect day
to take you in his grasp,
He’s enticed by the fresh crisp aroma of your perfume.
The one you’ve been wearing for years,
It appeals to the monster in him.
Tank tops you wear with nipples standing firm
short shorts you wear,
Caught in your trance,
he can’t help but stare.
His thoughts are of you,
what he would like to do to you.
Your eye’s they shine like the sun rays,
Your innocent stares makes grown men weak,
He’s fueled by them.
Your beauty makes the plants bow at your presence.
When you walk he follows,
lurking in the shadows
waiting for the moment
your guard goes down.
If you run he will chase you,
pursue you like a predator hunts it’s prey.
When you invite guests over,
It infuriates him.
He craves for you,
like a hungry hound craves for a kill.
He wants you for himself,
and in time he will.
He waits for the right time to act.
While he waits dusk will meet dawn,
The sun will trade places with the moon.


© Xavier Frazer


22 thoughts on “Stalker

  1. Vivid and frightening! Makes me think I should get my conceal t ocarry permit renewed! But I’ve been stalked before so this one really hits home. I was glad to read in other comments that someone asked you to create the piece …. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You did an excellent job of transferring their experience and emotions into your writing!

        I let my permit expire and took martial arts classes as I found myself feeling fearful all the time and that was no way to live. I just made that statement to demonstrate how effective is your writing! Well done, X.

        Liked by 1 person

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