Ghost To Myself

There’s many storms brewing

Yet, when I present myself to you,

I am as calm as the midday sea

I spend days fighting a never-ending battle,

A war I have no chance of winning.

I pretend to be who I am not

Trapped and restrained the real me,

I’ve have been hurt too many times to count

Injuries they’re overwhelming,

I sit sulking away over a bottle of gin & pineapple juice

Though they do nothing to numb this pain;

I succumbed to my emotions.

My outward appearance seems strong

Yet, behind closed doors, I am like a sponge submerged in water,

Reminiscing with tears as they lose grip of my water-based eyes

Heaven knows I have grown weary of putting on this show,

I tire of the scenes I play

And the all too familiar cast I know,

Still, I await these curtains to come down

Putting an end to this on-going fiasco;

Maybe then I will have some closure.

© Xavier J. Frazer

Its been awhile

Hey guys sorry for my absence, been extremely busy with life and all. I recently got married and I am currently working on two unfinished manuscript. But I will be posting poems, Bi-weekly starting tomorrow.


Greetings one and all!

I have been absent from blogging for quite sometime, due to the fact that I have been working on my second book of poems. I promise to start blogging more frequently after I have gotten everything settled. 

With that being said i would like to offer my fellow Bloggers, Authors, Poets, Writers and all those who are following my blog and opportunity to read my first collection of poems for free. When I say free I  mean totally FREE!!! 

However I do ask that you kindly make an honest review about the collection on I would greatly appreciate it.

So you can contact me and I will send the PDF to you via email. Or you can just comment your email in the comment section and I will do the rest.
One Love and Respect Everytime!!

5 star review by Toto O’tobi

​My book has been reviewed by a Nigerian writer. The review is a superbly magnificent one. Guys it’s long but trust me it’s worth the read. This is what he had to say;

“Xavier J. Frazer’s anthology titled Soul Cry is 139 pages of excellent poetry delivering effortlessly beautiful poetry with simple words that speaks to everyone. This is one poetry book that anybody will relate with. It’s comparable to Tolu Akinyemi’s Poetry for Dummies.

However, Soul Cry talks about deeper social issues than a dummy will want to think of.

From the very first poem, Soul Cry (page 17) talks about “a kind of hopelessness where even the truth is only a fabricated lie”, showing the pretense of living with smiles underneath a burdened mind. It’s the state of the world today. We’re all crying for answers but we have to wear a smile.

Race, Patriotism and Love
Footprints (page 21) and Black Lives Matter (page 133) and Black Women (page 129) celebrate the beauty of the black race and her resilience at having overcome multiple forms of injustice over centuries. However, Footprints is also a thought provoking piece on the unintended effects of slavery, like “black people now purchasing our shackles and chains at the stores”.
Click (page 23) and Thought (page 30) are high points in this anthology. While Click is a deep piece on social media and the intellectual drudgery it can cause, thought is a generalized poem that shows accurately the despair of society through the somber tone of the book.
Faces of Paradise (page 83) and Jamaica Cries (page 34) shows the patriotic cry of the writer’s soul. If this book was a musical recording, Paradise will be the B-side to Jamaica Cries.
Literary War (page 33) is the writer’s soul cry.
The language is simple in this book, and I find that beautiful. Most poets fall into the trap of trying to use some complex form and assortment of words maybe in an effort to sound genius. This is a book that makes little effort in that regard. The language is easy to understand; it’s raw and ungarnished and makes no apologies for being raw and ungarnished. The poet uses this simplicity of language to bare out the soul in Soul Cry through this simple use of language. Also, the reader may or may not notice a few typographical errors, notably in Epitaph (page 46) and Black Lives Matter (page 105); those are the only two I saw.
Structure and Arrangement
The poems are not written to follow a particular metric order and the stanzas are irregular. Of course it does tell on the beauty of the poem but it doesn’t undermine the brilliance of the poet. Reading Soul Cry is like finding a rough uncut diamond the size of your head. It’s not polished, not sparkling on the shelf of a jewellery store but it’s still extremely valuable and it’s still a beautiful looking diamond.
High Points
Other noteworthy poems are Sun and Moon(page 54) which I consider a really good poem about how love can be beautiful when we know our roles in it. Prisoner of poverty and Warrior (page 133), A Poet (page 137) and An Idea (page 66).

Low Points

In my opinion, Concrete Rose (page 27) is the biggest low point of the anthology. In this poem, the writer simply descended to good rhymes alone. Also, it sounds like a not as brilliant imitation of Tupac Amaru Shakur’s 1993 poem, The Rose that Grew from Concrete. However, this doesn’t take away the brilliance from the book in it’s entirety.

It’s just one really low point out of over 60 poems. Epitaph (page 46) is also such an outstanding poem that I might consider having it on my tombstone when I die.

In conclusion, this is one of the best, maybe even the best anthology I have read in a long while.” ~ Toto O’tobi

first interview since I wrote my book.

​i was interviewed by a Jamaican journalist by the name of Ashleigh Ann Mowatt. Check it out.

Please Vote For My Poem

Good day fellow poets, scribes, wordsmith, master writers, family, friends, supporters and well wishers I humbly ask if you please could go vote for my poem ‘A GIFT LOST’ on Realistic Poetry International facebook page, as the image says I am contestant #75 Xavier J. Frazer. Once you get to the page all you need to do is like, comment and share the poem all of which adds up to one vote. Thank you in advance.


The radio plays songs that induce feelings, 

I sometimes wish I never had, 

For they open wounds that never heal. 

As the stars whisper to the moon, 

I thought of how you were the fire that melted my frozen heart, like butter in the sun. 

I thought of how my stomach you once filled with butterflies, 

And how you left me speechless, yet full of laughter. 

You were the foundation I wanted to build my home on, 

But you became a blueprint without a plan, 

I see people close their eyes to  dream, with you I only had to open mine. 

When you looked at me my heart skipped beats, my eyes twinkle and your smile made me fall in love all over again. 

You had a savage kind of personality, like that of wolves, 

But your heart was as soft as wool. 

You were a beautiful disaster, like chaos really! 

Your smile dared me to fall in love. 

You were the love that existed, 

Yet the love lost, 

You were a prized possession, 

Yet the gift I naively lost. 

©Xavier J. Frazer.

Rewards certificate

I have received a honourary certificate for my book ‘Soul Cry’.  I look forward to the support from my fellow bloggers and poets. Go get yourself a copy of my book, indulge yourself in a soulful reading.

Thank you in advance.

Review of my book

My book has been reviewed by Melanin Book Bloggers, it has been rated five stars also described as being powerful. This is what they had to say;

Soul Cry takes you on a journey. Somehow Xavier J. Frazier has manged to put into words the frustration, despair, injustice, love, hope and struggle we all feel at one point or another.

Through his words you are able to envision yourself walking among the natives of Kingston, Jamaica. He brings you into to a world that resonates beauty, music, danger, death and survival.

No poetry masterpiece wouldn’t be complete without the battle of LOVE. “I love you but I had to keep you in the dark, for I know the truth would’ve torn your heart apart.” ~ Guilty Conscience

I believe every writer can identify with “Chaos of the Mind”. My favorite passage for this poem is: “How can I see the beauty of my mind? When it’s in complete chaos?

Other favorites: Distant Heart, Black Skin, BLACK WOMAN, Destined for Success, Sorry is Foreign (love, love, love this one).