Hi there everyone! I hope all is well? This pass few years has been hard on some of us, if not all of us. Yet with the grace of the heavens we still manage to be pulling through. All I have been doing through this time is penning out my pain as a remedy to pass time. I will be returning with new materials for you all to read and indulge in. Continue to stay safe, keep praying in these trying times.

Light and love to you y’all!

Information and a Poem

So the haitus I took was much longer than I had expected, nonetheless during that time of self reflection, I have been working on two manuscripts simultaneously. Each manuscript upon completion will take on a life of it’s own.

The first will be befittingly titled DRIED ROSES; this book of poems speaks on matters relating to the pains and woes of being in a toxic relationship. With each gem that is penned the reader will be able to relate whether he/she has had similar experiences.

The second will be befittingly entitled UNORTHODOX MUSING; this book of poems will take you into world of an underserved youth, where anguish, frustration, death, Injustices amongst other things are ever present. With this book you will live through his eyes, die and be saved.

So be on the lookout for these upcoming collections. But before I go here’s a sip, a taste of what DRIED ROSES will be offering;


Her personality; abysmal,

An acerbic one

and like

acetylene It gave an ache,

And I was a sheep

to her abattoir.

My death came quick

and painless…

Then I was forgotten.

© Xavier J. Frazer

Chaos Of The Mind


The hardest part about living is going through life not knowing who or what I am meant to be,
I keep trying to live up to people’s expectations of me,
For some I am a friend, a motivator, an inspiration or perhaps a
beacon of hope.
So many effort put into crafting and discovering myself just to end up lost,
In a time paradox of a multi complex universe
where dreams materialise and small corporations turn in to franchise,
Misled by a delusional illusion of my mind
Like the fact that the blood beneath my skin is blue and once it hits the open air it becomes red.
As if that wasn’t already a burden,
I am left to travel along this weary path with confused souls who are like ticking time bombs with very short fuses,
This is not your ordinary muse,
I am just an average guy who refuses to be conformed, contorted by this reality with no surety of what lies in the next.
It’s just a hit, smash or pass situation causing unwanted frustration,
Disguised in an awkward mobo jumbo of black and white complications
Where my sanity is a mess and is in need of constant sanitisation.
They say a beautiful mind is attractive,
How can I see the beauty of mine, when it’s in complete chaos?

Rape, Death, Saved by Angel’s


They were going so fast,
Without knowing it,
And the arguing continues unknowingly.
She begged him to stop,
He wouldn’t listen.
The music he placed on full blast,
Just to ignore her.
Her screams are like the wind as it travel across the waves,
And his yells are suffocated causing his own demise,
They both fire verbal missiles,
like pedal pushers,
pedaling for the push.
His friends laughed,
Faces bear wide grins from ear to ear.
What’s sad is that the victim cries,
And there’s no one to hear.
The car accelerates,
As the tempers flare.
The air dark and moist,
Brings light to a very unpleasant atmosphere.
No traffic light to stop,
They jolted down the dusty track.
Too fast to handle,
breaks couldn’t be found.
They tried to drift,
Wheels skid throwing the vehicle off the cliff.
It hits the ground in a thundery crash,
And no one could’ve survive that.
Surprisingly she was kept,
And in the bosoms of Angel’s she slept.

© Xavier Frazer 2016



Questions you asked,
Answers I failed to provide,
I opt to get out the room for the tension is high.
Tired of the arguing,
Yet, your heart yearns for the truth.
Tried for the exit,
but it wasn’t in reach,
The words you spoke stung like a bee,
That froze me immediately.
Deep sighs taken one after another,
My heart sank low,
Sometimes I just can’t bother.
Couldn’t wrap my mind around the words,
They dealt heavy blows,
Like the fists of a boxer going in for the win.
I see your cold blank stares,
And I can tell from your eyes,
That your tired of being comforted by my lies.
The nightmares are constant,
My second nature has gotten the best of me,
And my conscience it feeds at what’s left.
The day I fear the most is here,
It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon,
It has travelled a far with packed bags bearing gifts of truth.
The curtains about to go up,
Putting an end to this my charade,
So there’s really no point to continue.
I should just be a man about it and make things clear,
Silence strangled my voice as I tried to speak.
Questions reeled off your tongue,
like bullets from the planes in the battle for Pearl Harbor.
When the smoke subsided,
I was still struggling to speak,
The truth was in my grasp but far from reach.
They say the truth sets you free,
But not in this case,
it’s hard for me.
I did what I knew how to do best,
And that was telling constant lies.
The exit now within reach,
I look back to see you starring.
The truth I figured you knew,
but you still wanted to try,
Just to see if I would come around this one time.
I left with guilt eating at my conscience and a heavy heart,
I love you but I had to keep you in the dark,
For I know the truth would’ve torn your heart apart.


Hi am Xavier Frazer, i am a budding poet and i am new to the blogging world.

Why are you blogging publicly instead of keeping a diary?

i blog publicly instead of keeping a dairy because it allows me to connect with more people in all walks of life.

What topics do you think you’ll write about?

i will be writing about various topics, from social commentary, love, break ups etc.

Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

i would love to connect with fellow budding and established poets as well as lovers of poetry.

If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what do you hope to accomplish?

i hope to have a a wide audience who loves my poems and would be dedicated followers. 🙂