She Cried


I saw her cry for the first time,
after she read the first line.
I didn’t make much of it for i thought it was a joke,
the tears still continues to flow.

I really didn’t think she cared,
for much she didn’t share.
I stand flabbergasted as I stared,
Lost in thought,
I wonder if I should hand her my handkerchief.

To wipe the tears flowing down her face.
My pained face stares turned cold,
for I thought it was a waste of ones tears.

She cried for the times she wasted,
in a bank that was created out of dishonesty.
No withdrawals could be made.
I pondered why?
The only answer was that her account was put on freeze,
Just because she wore her
Heart out on her sleeves.

As the clock ticks,
The time goes,
her tears continue to flow.
From teary eyes,
down sagging cheeks,
and into the palm of her hands.
Then finally the floor.

It makes no sense to comfort her,
for I am the cause of her displeasure.

So it’s best to let her be,
For she cried after she read the first line by me.

~ Xavier Frazer ©