Information and a Poem

So the haitus I took was much longer than I had expected, nonetheless during that time of self reflection, I have been working on two manuscripts simultaneously. Each manuscript upon completion will take on a life of it’s own.

The first will be befittingly titled DRIED ROSES; this book of poems speaks on matters relating to the pains and woes of being in a toxic relationship. With each gem that is penned the reader will be able to relate whether he/she has had similar experiences.

The second will be befittingly entitled UNORTHODOX MUSING; this book of poems will take you into world of an underserved youth, where anguish, frustration, death, Injustices amongst other things are ever present. With this book you will live through his eyes, die and be saved.

So be on the lookout for these upcoming collections. But before I go here’s a sip, a taste of what DRIED ROSES will be offering;


Her personality; abysmal,

An acerbic one

and like

acetylene It gave an ache,

And I was a sheep

to her abattoir.

My death came quick

and painless…

Then I was forgotten.

© Xavier J. Frazer



Life’s trivialities are not constant,
but the beauty of being alive is the essence of living.
Life’s unfortunates are not to make you weak,
they’re to make you stronger. Therefore take them with a smile.
To live is to struggle,
but its the courage to overcome these struggles that makes life worth living.
Life isn’t as hard as you may think, its the decisions that we make which determine the way it is.
So whatever comes your way,
lift your chin up and know you will make it through to another day.

© Xavier Frazer