High On Weed


This weed though,
got me high as a kite.
Feeling the stoners delight,
not even sure what to write.
I went through a black hole,
just to be told that i am old.
Yet, I have a beautiful soul,
as cold as ice my mind unfolds.
Words I conjure up never before told,
As bold as a block of gold,
my dreams they stole…
Years spent molding feelings, emotions loading.
Stepped out fiending,
for the love that keeps leaving.
Just need one lady so I can keep her queenin’
As a king I don’t play for the losing.
Always winning,
While the jokers jokingly joke about everything.
Like paper view,
I see you.
So while your paying for play,
I play then pay.
What, did i just say that?
Sh*t I am stoned,
spaced out in another zone.
This weed got me hyped as a hippie,
you know that John Lennon peace and love vibe.
Eye’s red,
while smoke circulates through my head.
Damn I am feeling some type of way,
All you heard are my rambling thoughts from yesterday.