An Idea (Making Love)


I am in love with an idea,
it is a crazy idea but I don’t wanna stop.
The idea is me holding your hands,
fixing your hair the way you like it.
It is me kissing your face,
playing with your toes.
It is me fixing you a treat,
or running you a bath.
Getting you dressed,
or putting you to bed.
It is you laughing at my jokes, making funny faces just to evoke a smile.
The idea is me caressing your skin,
invading your space.
Taking control of your mind with my whispers,
It is me creating rhythm with your body symmetrically and systematically
It is me making you fall like rain,
and your body crashing like thunder.
The idea is me making you erupt like a volcano.
I like this idea, as crazy as it seems,
I hope for our sake it will not only be a dream.
But a reality for us to share, and cherish.
This idea begins in the mind, and I hope it ends in the heart.
The idea is us making love.