State of Insomnia

I’m an insomniac
Tormented by this reality,

where innocent smiles are nothing but façades of murderous grins.

Old enough to not be scared

Yet still I am afraid of bed time stories,

For they turn out to be nightmares.

And the lullaby’s you hear sounds like an episode of beetle juice lost in auto tunes,

A remake of Beethoven’s Scary masquerade.

Tired of these Insomnia’s

I really need to get some rest.

But,how can I sleep knowing that I will be waking up to the horrific news

Of lifeless bodies laying in the streets,

Be it close or in some remote location

I have yet to discover.

I never believed in fairy tales
Given the trajectory of the times I wish I had,

This may seem girly but I wish

I was Alice in wonderland or perhaps Dorothy in the wizard of Oz.

A click of my heels would take me to an utopian home

As chaotic as things are I have to deal with this mentally derange zone,

A zone where everyone is suffering from some kind of sleepless hypnosis.

As madness and lawlessness roam free

Sporting faces of glee.

© Xavier J. Frazer 2016


I walk around everyday people see me smiling, they don’t know that i am actually afraid.

A lot of people hand out death, but are afraid to accept it.
Some people hear the sounds of the guns, others are the recipient of the bullet.

What’s the point in sticking around if your here today, only to be gone tomorrow.
I see whats happening around me and try to be different, but at the same time I am losing all my friends.

I have lost so many friends to the point that, losing becomes the norm for me.
Its like they have powers to only disappear without the ability of reappearing.

I am in fear that my life maybe snuffed away, making me another victim on the pavement twisted.

    ~Xavier Frazer©