Separate Ways


We’ve been at this for so long,
and it seems like it’s not going nowhere.
Sadly it’s me this time,
or perhaps it’s you.
Something is seriously wrong with our hearts,
they no longer beat as one.
We use to be like chlorine to water,
now we are like a desert without sun.
We fuss, we fight,
we argue every night.
We try to make it work,
That’s all we ever do.
We use to look through the same scope,
sadly we’ve lost all hope.
We went out our way to comfort each other,
it makes no sense.
Why do we even bother?
You once said ” I love my poems more than I love you”,
what you failed to understand you’re the one who inspired them.
My disgust for your annoyance is unfathomable,
only reason why I work your nerves,
I cheated to get back at you,
that was quite immature.
Here’s the clich√©,
two wrongs don’t make anything right.
It’s pointless to render an eye for an eye,
all it does is continue this cycle of hurt.
Haven’t you notice the sun hasn’t shine our way in awhile,
causing a drought that has left our stream of compassion and love dry.
It’s better we come to a compromise,
a decision like this is hardest to make when feelings are still involved.
So let’s put our emotions a  side,
And go our separate ways.

© Xavier Frazer