Concrete Rose


Imagine being raised in the most unpleasant of environments,
Temperature humid,
Atmosphere far from being great.
Dons and guns reigning,
Showering bullets more than it  rains.
This inhumane climate,
Intensified by the adverse effects of global warming,
Is like a category 5 hurricane,
Which gave no sign of a warning.
Don’t expect help from your neighbours,
The citizens here aren’t that charming.
So please don’t find it alarming,
That these gunmen have a lot of corn,
And no they’re not meant for farming.
Criminals roam the streets,
Day and night,
Without concern for who they’re harming.
So while you sleep and hug your darling,
It’s a different story here
These are the injustices,
Law abiding citizens bear.
Sleepless nights filled with anguish and fear,
Hopelessly calling for help but no one hears.
Surrounded by lifeless souls
And countless carcasses,
Just waiting to be placed in holes,
Suffocating by lies,
While battling for the truth.
Dreams turn into nightmares,
Unpleasantries everywhere.
Amidst all this chaos,
A concrete rose thrives,
Though plagued with unsurmountable destruction,
Adorned with damaged petals,
It survives.

Why Love?


Since our last
You don’t call.
And when I call,
You don’t answer at all.
Your voicemail
seems to be
my new companion,
For she talks
to me the most.
Things aren’t the same
since you left,
Sleepless nights
my whole world is a mess.
It’s your fault,
you should’ve just listen,
I never meant
what I said.
Don’t you see I am dying?
I grow weaker with each passing day,
I am in need of
your strength.
Without you
I can’t breathe
I need you,
don’t go.
Please stay
Please come back.
Why love?
Why did you have to leave?

© Xavier Frazer