We Are One


Society’s view of us,
is like the negatives of a photograph,
we are only seen like the full stops and commas to a sentence.
separating us by Religion and race,
while diminishing our faith.
Truth is we are one as sentient beings,
in heavenly grace.
See whatever you look like never really mattered to me, just feeling your aura and vibe eternally.
I am you, and you are me,
my outer appearance does not define who I am.
what you see shouldn’t matter,
for we all share the same history,
We just traveled on different routes.
Don’t you see if we’re stabbed or shot,
we bleed the same blood?
Let’s not be defined by what we look like, Black or White,
weight or height,
brawns or by brains.
Let’s be defined by our names.
Let’s not be define by where we are from,
for we are one despite what we’re taught.
The standards have been set, it’s engraved within our souls.
Teaching the future generations how to hate,
The moment they step in the gate,
This shit is really getting old.
We must love under the stars,
And accept who we are.
While forgetting about color,
Let’s be at peace with each other.
So love can reign in our hearts.