Rape, Death, Saved by Angel’s


They were going so fast,
Without knowing it,
And the arguing continues unknowingly.
She begged him to stop,
He wouldn’t listen.
The music he placed on full blast,
Just to ignore her.
Her screams are like the wind as it travel across the waves,
And his yells are suffocated causing his own demise,
They both fire verbal missiles,
like pedal pushers,
pedaling for the push.
His friends laughed,
Faces bear wide grins from ear to ear.
What’s sad is that the victim cries,
And there’s no one to hear.
The car accelerates,
As the tempers flare.
The air dark and moist,
Brings light to a very unpleasant atmosphere.
No traffic light to stop,
They jolted down the dusty track.
Too fast to handle,
breaks couldn’t be found.
They tried to drift,
Wheels skid throwing the vehicle off the cliff.
It hits the ground in a thundery crash,
And no one could’ve survive that.
Surprisingly she was kept,
And in the bosoms of Angel’s she slept.

© Xavier Frazer 2016

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