I Love You


The expression of our love
as hands embrace,
secrets escaped by whispered words.
As our lips captured in a silent “I love you”.
Inebriated, way past high,
still i place no one above you.
Like amber to a bug,
I’m encased in your affection.
love sick some may say,
but there’s no cure to this infection.
Enamoured with your being,
from what you do, to what you say.
Just the fact that you exist, gives me reason to pray.
you said look so I stared,
You said love so I cared.
You said let’s not take this too far,
I said we’re only going to the stars.
See I love you,
The way you breathe,
The way you smile.
The way you see the good in me,
like my mother did when I was a child.
My love i like to watch you walk,
beneath the sunshine.
it’s golden light,
illuminates you from within.
It was the most beautiful thing
I ever saw,
your radiant glow is like the multiple colors of the rainbow.
your love is like the fountain of youth,
every sip i take makes me young again.
Our love is a sacred place,
one in which we can’t escape.
Even being apart,
our love is what gives light in the dark.
You spark my flame,
and I ignite your engine.
It’s not about sexual gratification,
but intimate conversation.
we love not only to satisfy our human needs,
we love because we deserve to be love.
quite frankly I love you,
with ever word that is said above.

10 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. Listen….love poems can seem cliche after a while, but this? This is amazing! Such a fresh perspective and a very colorful way to describe the feeling. I really appreciate your writing style. “Just the fact that you exist, gives me reason to pray.” mmm! That line can stand by itself!

    Liked by 1 person

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